Could an Infestation Be Forming Beneath Your Feet?

Play it safe by scheduling termite control services in the Newburgh, NY area

You may not know you have a subterranean termite infestation until you notice cosmetic damage. That's because this species of termites lives underground and destroys homes from the inside out. Once a termite colony has outgrown a home, a swarm of what looks like white ants will pour out of the walls to form colonies elsewhere. Clearly, it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to termites - schedule termite monitoring services to find out whether those pests are living under your Newburgh, NY area property.

A technician at Pest Medic can check your crawl space for signs of termite damage. If we don't find anything, we can return next year to see if anything has changed. If we do find evidence of an infestation, we can...

  • Repair the damage
  • Set out bait stations near the colony
  • Follow up frequently to monitor the situation

Call 833-737-8633 now to arrange for termite monitoring services.

Termites thrive year-round

Termites thrive year-round

With that in mind, termite control should be a priority. Reach out today to hire termite control experts based in Newburgh, NY.