Mosquitoes and Ticks Are Serious Summer Threats

We use natural mosquito control products to ward off pests in Newburgh, NY

Summer in the Newburgh, NY area calls for backyard cookouts, pool parties and sunbathing. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can suck the fun out of summer. If you're fighting an uphill battle against these relentless pests in the lower Mid-Hudson region, turn to Pest Medic for mosquito control services.

The products we use to reduce mosquito populations are safe for use around people and pets. Call 833-737-8633 now to learn more about our mosquito control techniques.

Tips for dealing with ticks

Tips for dealing with ticks

Ticks thrive in wooded, overgrown environments where they can hide from predators and lie in wait for a meal. Because ticks can spread disease, you'll want to...

  • Check yourself and your little ones for ticks after spending time outside
  • Remove attached ticks and clean the bite area thoroughly
  • Arrange for seasonal tick control services

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