What Pests Are Bugging You?

Arrange for effective pest control services in Newburgh, NY or the surrounding area

Whether or not the pests cause harm, you don't want insects or rodents anywhere near your loved ones, food or prized possessions. Pest Medic of Newburgh, NY can get rid of any infestation in the lower Mid-Hudson region with comprehensive pest control services.

Depending on your needs, we can treat for the following pests once, monthly, quarterly or tri-annually:

Ants | Bed bugs | Bees | Boxelder bugs | Cockroaches | Crickets | Fleas | Flies | Mice | Mosquitoes | Rats | Spiders | Stink bugs | Termites | Ticks

Have a problem with stink bugs and beetles in the winter? Take advantage of our overwintering pest reduction services to reduce the populations of these pests. Call 833-737-8633 now to arrange for seasonal pest control services.

Deter pests from burrowing in your walls

Deter pests from burrowing in your walls

Did you know pest control insulation exists? Blown-in insulation can be treated with boric acid, which is toxic to pests but harmless to humans.

We can install pest control insulation to protect your Newburgh, NY area property - contact us now to learn more.